We understand shit happens, so when it does we have you covered. Our general warranty policy is lifetime warranty, if you mess it up we’ll fix it. If it’s free or not depends on how it got messed up.

Examples of warranty that would be free: End cap strikes, baffle strikes, refresh/re-core due to high round count use, mount stuck inside the suppressor and anything that would or could happen during general use.

Examples of warranty that would NOT be free: You wanted a bigger bore in the suppressor so you tried to bore it out yourself with a drill bit or boring bar, you wanted your suppressor to have less back pressure so you drilled holes in, you wanted your mount to be permanently attached so you welded it on, you wanted your suppressor to be shorter so you cut it in half and then tried to weld a new end cap on. Basically any permanent modifications to the suppressor. I know this may sound crazy and you’d think things like this can go unsaid but these are all things we’ve received emails about from customers asking if they can do these things. If you were to do anything like this we would still fix it for you if it needed to be fixed so you wouldn’t be stuck with a messed up suppressor but you would be charged cost of parts + labor to be fixed — so please don’t do that.

This does not include utilizing the 1.375×24/HUB/universal mounting threads because this is not considered permanent modification and the suppressor is designed to be used this way. So if you get an end cap strike using a mount or muzzle device from another company, don’t worry because it’s still covered for free.

Stolen: If your house or car is broken into and your silencer is stolen we will replace it for free. You must provide police reports and/or contact information for the department as well as proof you’ve reported it to the ATF as stolen. Sadly this will take a new SN where you will have to pay the $200 stamp and go through the wait time again. 

Lead time on warranty work: Warranty work is #1 priority when it comes in the door. We believe taking care of customers who have already spent their money with us is more important than making suppressors for new customers. As soon as a warranty suppressor gets in the door we get to work on it, shutting machines down and pulling people off jobs if needed – it becomes our sole focus. We generally get warranty work done and back to you in less than 2 weeks and that includes the time it’s in transit back to you via shipping.

We do not have an official RMA process. It’s as simple as emailing us and we’ll tell you what you need to include in the box and then you send it in. To contact us regarding a suppressor that needs warranty work you can email any of these 3 emails and someone will get back to you within 24 hours. If for some reason you do not get a response with 24 hours that means for some reason our system flagged it as junk mail and sent it to the spam folder and we didn’t see it.

Try resending another email or emailing another email than you tried the first time.